About Us

Be confident in your style.

Breezy Empire Apparel is a US-based start-up that strives to provide its valued clients with the best-in-class DIY design options to help them create their own apparel – T-shirts, skirts, blouses, tops, hats, and more – to satisfy their needs, thereby winning their trust and loyalty. 

Being professionals, we utilize our extensive knowledge and experience to produce bespoke designs for both men and women to match their fashion sense – second only to none. Our high-quality prints, trendy designs, and round-the-clock customer service help us stand out from our competitors. 

We strive to serve our clients across the United States, providing them with high-quality apparel, perfect for every occasion, at competitive prices. We also aspire to expand our business operations globally, expand our customer base, and reach out and serve our international clients.

Whether you need a custom hoodie to liven up your wardrobe or personalized logo T-shorts for your school’s baseball team, we have got you covered! It’s time to style yourself with premium quality, custom-designed apparel to make a statement on your own and stand out from the crowd.

Our Vision

We value our clients. We strive to bring high-quality, DIY design fabrics to match our clients’ fashion sense to augment their personality, helping them own their style and make a bold statement. Passion, high quality, and total customer satisfaction drive our working philosophy and success. We aspire to expand our operations beyond the United States to cater to the needs of our international clientele.